By Emily Gellhaus

Not A Soldier

First in the Jekhrian Chronicles

In a primitive future, timid teenaged performer, Malcolm, is kidnapped and enslaved in enemy territory. As he and his friends fight to survive their new master’s cruelty, Malcolm uncovers a plot to invade his homeland. Already doubting God’s love and power, Malcolm must learn to trust Him for the courage to save not only those he loves, but his entire country from annihilation.



Emily Gellhaus

Emily Gellhaus is an adventurer in a homeschooling mom’s body. A former elementary teacher who’s lived in a dozen states, she currently resides in New England with her husband and two children. She enjoys good coffee, good chocolate, and good books. Her future plans include traveling the world and experiencing everything possible (except bungee jumping, which freaks her out).

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Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.

– Groucho Marx

Book Reviews

The Seventh Sun

And the Jade Bones by Lani Forbes In less than a week, I've driven over forty hours just so I could attend my brother's wedding. Totally worth it, but I'm exhausted. The only reason I even have a book to review is because I won The Seventh Sun audiobook in a drawing...

Luck of the Titanic

Luck of The Titanic by Stacey Lee Young Adult Historical Rating: 8/10 Valora Luck, daughter of an English woman and a Chinese man is determined to board the illustrious Titanic, find her brother working somewhere in its depths, and convince him to start a new life...