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First Challenge – The Minimalism Game

     I discovered minimalism probably just shy of a year ago.

     I’m a fan.

     And like many fans, I’m better at watching than doing. I’ve dabbled a bit and I purged quite a lot back in the beginning of 2018, but there’s still a long way to go. Now, however, my husband’s found out he’s getting a new job next summer and we’ll be moving very, very, very far away – on our own dime…

     Let’s just say, the motivation for minimalism has been upped astronomically.

So I’m jumping in with the 30 Day Minimalism Game, started by (drum roll) the Minimalists. For more info (and lots of other minimalist stuff. Seriously, these guys are awesome) go here, but the gist is to get rid of one thing on day one, two things on day two, etc. until day thirty when you’re getting thirty unnecessary things out of your house.

     If my math is right that’s 465 things, which sounds like an enormous number until I remember little things like dry pens and unnecessary paperwork also count (whew!). Still, I’m a little worried about the second half.

I am changing one thing about this game. Their challenge insists on getting the stuff out of your house by midnight. Let me tell you, this Mama isn’t buckling two kids into carseats every day for a trip to Goodwill. I am not superwoman.

     Today is day one. I won’t post every day, but I’ll be taking pictures and probably updating once a week. I will tell you what I got rid of today. Here’s the story.

I made soup yesterday. It was for a church thing and a pretty good soup if I do say so myself. It required the biggest pot I’ve got which is this massive cast iron thing. I’ve used it maybe twice and it’s probably really meant for camping but, haha, I don’t camp.

So after finishing the soup, bringing it to church, having a wonderful time, then coming home, feeding the kids who have decided that now they’re hungry, and starting them on the rugged road toward bedtime, I remember cast iron needs special care. I dump the soup into smaller containers, scrub the pot, and thoroughly dry every single little crease. I probably should have oiled it, too, but once I got it dry I realized… no, I don’t want to do this. Ever. Again.

     This morning I put the pot in a box to be carted off to charity. I know, I know, cast iron is amazing and lasts forever. Sorry, I don’t love cooking enough to do all that work, though I give major points to those who do.

     Minimalism Game day one – done.

    Anyone else want to play?

15 thoughts on “First Challenge – The Minimalism Game

  1. First, welcome to blogging!

    Love the Minnamilsts! It sounds like a fun game, but I already get rid of tons of things, and don’t feel like making more brain space to get rid of so many things every day. But I think it’s a great game and would love to do it someday!

    Also, I love cast iron and use it all the time. So sad you don’t like it that much ;/

    Can’t wait to see your update posts!

  2. Facing a big move sounds like the perfect time for this challenge! I’m too wimpy to commit to joining this challenge full on, but I do feel inspired to tackle my closet, so…

  3. Interesting thoughts. I’ve down sized in the past, and I must say it feels good to clean out items that add no value to my life. However, that pot you are giving away would look very nice in my kitchen 😊

      1. Thanks, but I’ll have to pass. If I add one more box to our already huge stash of boxes for our move, Charles will have a hissy-fit.
        We should have started getting rid of items before I started packing.

    1. Awesome! I’m a little worried since I’ve already started downsizing, but I’m sure there’s still plenty left to get rid of.

  4. Great post! I love this idea, and I definitely need to declutter. Not sure if I’ll take this challenge because as you say it’s getting rid of the stuff that’s an issue – we live out of town and doing a daily drive to the town recycling centre/charity shops likely won’t happen. But I’ll think about it some more 🙂 We had planned to hire a skip, set aside a week and work solidly on decluttering each room until it’s done. (I’m from the UK – not sure if you use the word skip in this context – a huge metal tub to put building rubble/other waste in?)
    Anyhows – thanks for the post!!

    1. That’s great! I wouldn’t stress about getting rid of the stuff right away. Everyone’s different and I’m a big believer in tweaking things till they work for you. Right now I’m throwing everything in a box and I’ll get rid of it all at once. Or, better yet, get my husband to do it for me. Saving it for the skip would work, too (No, I’ve never heard the term, but I love it. In the US we call it a dumpster. Skip sounds nicer.)
      Good luck!

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