It Starts

     Some background on me. I’m the sort of person who has big plans and grand ideas. They could be anything from backpacking around Europe to knitting a sweater. Almost anything goes (except bungie jumping. Honestly can’t see the appeal there. Skydiving, sure. Bouncing on a giant rubber band…not so much). The problem is, I often don’t get past the planning stage. When I was in college I blamed lack of money. Now I mostly blame lack of time – though money can be a problem, too. A few weeks ago, something happened to start changing my mind.

     It started with a dare. Or maybe it was a bet, it’s hard to say.

    My husband and I were discussing hair. I don’t know why. Married couples have weird conversations sometimes. However it came about, it ended when I was venting my frustration at my own thick, uncooperative hair and he said:

     “You should just buzz it all off and be done with it.”

     Of course, I laughed, secretly horrified at the thought. Women had long hair. They just did. It’s how I grew up. Granted, I had no issues with those who cut theirs short, but it wasn’t for me.

Then he said, “I’ll give you five hundred dollars if you do.” And laughed like it was the funniest joke in the world. “Actually, I’d give you a thousand.”

     Suddenly it doesn’t sound so impossible.

     Now, we can’t afford to be tossing thousand dollar bets around wherever we go, but we could do it once.

     I’d say I must have gone crazy, but honestly this is one of those things I always secretly wanted to try. So, I did it. I buzzed it all off. It was a terrible cut, too. FYI, don’t go to a salon for a buzz. Go to a regular old barber shop, but I digress.

     My hair was gone.

     It was weird.

     My face looked so thin.

     My head looked hilarious.

     My eyes were huge.

     I liked it.

     My husband will never make an idle bet with me again.

     Do you know how fast you can shower and get ready with a buzz? Really, really fast!

     My first trip back to church was nerve-wracking, but everyone was incredible.

     Something was different, though. Suddenly I felt visible. As if everyone was looking at me. For all I know, they might have been. I found myself standing straighter, being bolder.

I realized how much I was missing, hiding in my shell, staying in my comfort zone. Half-finished projects littered my home because I’d given up when it got hard. I want to do more. Well, I’ve always wanted to do more, but this time I want to make sure it happened. More importantly, I want to make sure I finish what I start. 

So, here I go. This blog will be my testimony of doing. Projects I tackle, big or small. Things I experience. My hope is, putting it online will give me that extra kick I need to make it happen. Wish me luck, y’all. (I guess I can say that. I might not be southern, but I live there.)

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