Why Do I Believe in God?

So, I’ve been super busy/stressed for reasons I won’t go into on a public blog. Let’s just say there’s a lot going on, plus the fact that my family is moving halfway across the country this summer. Although, I’ll have you know, I’m still on my minimalism journey. Right now, my house is a disaster, but my kitchen is A+. I even have an empty drawer because I have nothing to put in it. (That’s a big deal for me.)

There is one thing that’s been…I don’t want to say “weighing on me” like it’s been some kind of heavy burden, but it’s something that I can’t stop thinking about.

It started when I shocked myself by volunteering to lead a women’s Bible study in my church. (Yes, little introverted, mix-my-words-up-in-public me VOLUNTEERED to lead a Bible study. Shocking, right?) The study is called Why Do You Believe That? and I highly recommend it. It’s geared toward women but it’s a great study for anyone wanting to dive into what you believe about God and to learn how to share those beliefs with others in a meaningful and not controversial or annoying (or scary) way.

Ok, that’s my little pitch, now on to the topic of the day. If I were to ask you, “Why do you believe in God?” What would you say? Maybe, like me, you grew up in a Christian home and you’ve really never questioned it. He’s real and that’s all there is to it. Maybe you’ve had an experience like a miraculous answer to prayer or a moment when you felt His presence all around you and you just knew He was real.

That’s excellent. I’m so happy for you.

Now pretend I’m not a Christian and I ask you that question. Try to convince me God is real.

I’ll tell you right off the bat, I, personally, am not going to care about your experience or feelings. People claim to have experienced ghosts and alien abductions but I’m still pretty sure neither of those exist.

I don’t know what your answer is, but I’ve been putting a lot of thought into mine, hopefully I can type it as clearly as I can think it.

I believe in God because morality exists.

Think about it. Not long ago there was a horrible news story about a man who went into the Mall of America because he wanted to kill someone. He didn’t care who, he just wanted to murder. He picked up a five-year-old boy and threw him over the third story railing. (By the way, the last report I read said the boy is recovering well, though he still has a long way to go.)

I think everyone agrees this was horribly wrong and that that man is one messed up individual.

But why?

If the world evolved by chance without any influence from a higher power, why is this wrong?

Predators kill baby prey. No one says it’s wrong. They might say it’s sad, but no one’s bringing a lion to court over the case of the murdered gazelle.

Yet, for some reason, it’s universally recognized that for a human being to murder another innocent human being is wrong. Where does this idea come from? Certainly not from a worldview that says “survival of the fittest”. In fact, after watching the news for just a few minutes, I think I can safely claim it didn’t come from humans at all. But if it didn’t come from humans then it has to be from somewhere—someone—higher than humans.

A higher power.

A God.

So why do I believe in my God? And  I hate to say “my” as if I have anything to do with who He is, but I don’t know a better way to word it. Let’s try this, why do I believe in the God of the Bible?

Short answer: Creation.

Ooo, another highly controversial subject. One I don’t have the time or knowledge to go in depth with so I’m going to keep it simple.

Evolution is a theory.

It has never, ever, ever been proven.



I know they teach and talk about it like it’s fact, but it’s not.

It’s a theory.

So let’s think about this. I’m going to give a very brief summary of evolution.

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, there was a tiny, itty bitty speck that contained the entire universe. Then, for no apparent reason…BANG! That speck exploded and became (drum roll) life and the building blocks of the universe. That life gradually changed in ways that often don’t make sense (like the fig wasp that literally NEEDS the fig tree in order to survive yet somehow evolved approximately 60 million years before the fig tree) until it became the world we currently live in.

Now, a summary of creation. Once upon a time, not quite so long ago, an all-powerful God created the earth.

Oh, no. That’s just a silly fairytale.


You wanna read that evolution bit again? Especially the part where a speck exploded for no reason whatsoever and became everything.

“Well then, where did God come from?” they ask. “Who made Him?”

Who made that first speck, Karen?

(Was that too snarky? That felt a little snarky.)

In any case, that’s what it boils down to. Do you believe in an eternal God or eternal matter? And, yes, I say “believe” because whatever scientists think, evolution is much closer to a religion than it is to true, observable, science.

God or matter?

One created the world because He’s an all-powerful being. One created the world through billions of years of impossible chances.

Quite frankly, God makes more sense.

(I feel it should be noted that the writing of this post was interrupted because my three-year-old painted both the inside of the toilet and his own backside with my lipstick. This is my life right now 🙂

6 thoughts on “Why Do I Believe in God?

  1. I’m so glad to see you’re not all gone from the blogging world, but sad to hear life is stressful right now ;/ Also, that empty drawer must feel BEYOND AMAZING!!!! I so love this question you brought up. I’ve been thinking of it a little myself. Why do I believe in God? I don’t think I have a very good answer. I love philosophy and debate, and He is what makes most sense to me. When I was little I would say I loved Him and that’s why. I still feel that’s partly true … but not entirely. I think I believe in God because nothing else makes sense and with Him there’s meaning and direction, and the chaos of life is a bit less depressing with Him.


    1. I agree with you completely. God makes sense and there are some days when life is bearable only because of Him. The only reason I didn’t go into that in this post is a) it would have been too long, and b) I wanted to focus more on a…I guess a concrete/scientific kind of logic.
      And, yes, I love my empty drawer 🙂

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