artful photo of the first four books in Stephania Mcgee's Back Inn Time series

The Back Inn Time Series

By Stephenia H. McGee

Genre: Christian Romance



Each book in The Back Inn Time series features a couple or individual who have hit a low point in life or love. Somehow, they find themselves at The Depot–a mysterious/adorable bed-and-breakfast that is way too convenient to be natural–and end up thrown back in time where they’re forced to face their challenges head-on while fumbling through an unfamiliar era.

The Good:

It’s a rare thing, but I was in the mood for a sweet story, no dastardly plots, dramatic chases, or bloody shootouts necessary, and The Back Inn Time Series totally hit the bullseye.

These books are sweet, fun, and light. I finished two in two days. Falling for the Fifties is my favorite, but they’re all good.

The Bad:

There’s not much bad to say about them. They’re meant to be sweet romances, and that’s exactly what they are. There were a few times I was frustrated with a character for not knowing what I would consider common knowledge about a particular era, but I reminded myself there are probably plenty of things I don’t know that other people consider common knowledge.

Bottom Line:

If you’re in the mood for a quick, pleasant read, definitely try these, or check out Stephenia McGee’s website for more books. Personally, I still need to get book five, and I see there’s a sixth coming, too!!!

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